Maintenance and after-sales service

In today’s market, most of the companies and businessmen are involved in importing and sales operations of the equipment. So, offering a good after-sales service is just like a lost ring in the connecting chain between companies and customers.
One of the most important factors of ing a company to purchase the products is the ability and method of offering the technical support, maintenance and after-sales services.
Due to having experienced technical staff who are proficient in Electronics and Computers, Mahan Secure World Co. is honor to offer a wide range of after-sales services and maintenance of the security products including X_Ray inspection systems and security metal detectors all around the country.
It is also pleasant to go beyond the repairing operations of the electrical boards in order to design these boards using our domestic experts and resources. One of good examples regarding this issue is the design and production of the electrical board CAB in X-Ray inspection system model Rapiscan 528.
We hope to use our experts’ knowledge and experience to meet your security needs, and also to make a progress towards promoting security and safety.

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